Phase two of lumpsucker rearing tanks ready for delivery!



Purewell are proud and excited to announce that phase two of our lumpsucker rearing tanks are now ready for delivery Hangul Office Neo!

Let’s start with technical stuff…. these are circular tanks with an internal diameter of 1.85m, and a 50mm external flange, an internal depth of 940mm, sitting on a skirt of 180mm, giving an overall working height of 1.12m files. So, without resorting to a calculator, this provides a maximum cubic capacity of 2.53 m3, or operating with a 100mm freeboard, 2.26m3. In the centre, a ‘hanging plate’ arrangement provides 2.2m2 of extra surface area, bringing the total vertical surface area of the tank to 5.4m2 Download g102.

The design of this central arrangement gives excellent through flow of water, and ultimately over the lumpsucker, both either side of the plates below the framework, maximising the growth and cleaning aspects of the fish Beauty and the Beast. The plates are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance, and with four plates supplied with each tank, the options for up-scaling capacity is catered for from the outset 공기인형 다운로드.

This phase of the development of the new range of products will assist Purewell’s client in the fast-paced research and trials of lumpfish which form part of the treatment of sea-lice, which so affects the Scottish salmon industry 우분투 포 폰.

In the initial trials of the 1m ‘cone’ tanks, one of Purewell’s clients have been so impressed with it’s attributes, giving unprecedented lumpfish growth, they have planned to expand the operation almost immediately 산돌고딕 네오1 다운로드.

Another exciting aspect of Purewell’s research and trials on this new tank is that the central hanging plate arrangement can be ‘retro-fitted’ to existing tanks; a small converter piece in the base/sump area of a tank will allow the fitting of the hanging plate arrangement, thereby giving farm operators the flexibility to move from one species to another or adapt redundant tanks, brood stock tanks, or existing lumpfish tanks to give a greater surface area cisco ios 이미지 다운로드.

Contact Paul Winsor at Purewell Fish Farming Equipment Ltd. for more details.