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Circular Tanks

This part of the range has now been extended to include Purewell’s new 8m, 9m and 10m diameter tanks, which can be supplied to varying depths, starting at 1m and rising in 1m multiples thereafter, but any depth request can be catered for. From small quarantine tanks and laboratory test tanks, to early stage rearing and tanks for bringing fish on, Purewell have a tank for the task. With tanks starting at less than 1m diameter rising to 2m, we are confident Purewell can supply the product to meet your needs.

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Square Tanks

With larger radius corners and working heights to suit your needs, these robust yet highly polished tanks have the flexibility in purpose to fulfil the most demanding of roles. Available with or without feet, a variety of screen and outlet configurations and all manufactured to the highest quality.

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Transport Tanks

Purewell Fish Farming Equipment are justly proud of their range of transport tanks; not only is range comprehensive (see sizes and volumes) but they are well appointed, as all tanks are fitted as standard with stainless steel carrying handles, full removable hatch and 2” drain valve.

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‘OCEAN RIBs’ and ‘NAB Dories’ have been operating in a variety of roles for upwards of 35 years now, and in the most demanding of conditions. OCEAN RIBs are available from 7m up to 8.5m, with inboard or outboard configurations, they are the ultimate safe platform. NAB Dories are a cathedral hull range of workboats, maximising stability and large working platforms. Available in 21’ and 23’ lengths, again with a range of engine and accommodation configurations.

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Bespoke Services

From design, manufacture and on to installation are able to offer a complete service, tailored to any particular client needs.

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Installation Services

These services also include that of installation; small or large, local or international, Purewell retains a team that can be on-site when your products arrive, assemble, test and commission them prior to hand-over.

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Pipework & Fittings

From small sockets to gigantic gate-valves……Purewell can supply it all! Lengths of pipe, all the fittings you need and all delivered with your equipment – why wouldn’t you? Tell us what you need and we’ll give you the best price in the world….probably!

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Now there must be something else, something you know didn’t know you needed, until you saw it… we know there is! In no particular order – dip nets, replacements handles, compressor/blower systems, lids for your tanks, aeration equipment, grow beds for your aquaponic systems, hold on…. an aquaponic system! Have we made our point…?

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Lumpfish Tanks

Purewell’s new lumpfish tanks start with a 1m diameter x 1m deep tank, perfect for young stock and with an integral stainless steel screen and a low maintenance sump. These can be supplied freestanding or ready to drop into a pre-laid drainage/RAS system.

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Modular Tank Systems

Purewell’s new range of modular tanks gives the end-user the perfect way to maximise space and offers flexibility of use and maximises growth potential.

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Our staff are pretty amazing, find out more about them below

Malcolm Winsor

Managing Director
Malcolm, along with Colin, has been in the GRP manufacturing industry for over 40 years, and been running Purewell since 1980. With a leaning towards design and resolution of ‘challenges’, Malcolm smiles most when Purewell’s clients smile.

Colin Winsor

Production Director
As mentioned above, Colin has been working Malcolm for over 40 years; Colin’s leaning is towards mould tool development and product design. He has managed our production facility through industry and client demands, and still he smiles!

Rose Winsor

Support Services & Facilities Director
Bringing a sense of order and grounding, Rose has supporting the entire operation since its inception, and wouldn’t be today what it is without her.